Kenmay Funeral Services is aware of the emotional and financial stress that families are faced with during the loss of a loved one. We endeavour to lower the enormous costs involved in the planning of services, but also maintaining quality and professional standards in our care of your loved one.

Our Non Attendance Cremation Service starts from $2300 which includes:
Our Professional Service fee
– Transfer of the deceased into our care
– Mortuary Care
– Coffin (standard Contract Coffin)
– Cremation Fee (At a Crematorium of our choice from Monday to Friday)
– Doctor and Medical Referee Cremation Permit fee
– Registering of the Death Certificate

We can also assist you with a range of choices that will suit your personal requirements and finances such as:

  • Your choice of coffin or casket
  • Your choice of cemetery for burial and the types of services
  • Your choice of crematorium and the types of services
  • Your choice of repatriation arrangements interstate or internationally
  • comparison of the affordability of planning services for a burial, cremation or repatriation

We will guide you to solutions when an unexpected loss occurs or when you or your family are unprepared for the financial costs of arranging a funeral. We have already supported and provided many families with a dignified and personal service according to their chosen funeral arrangements for their loved one and without the burden of high costs. Contact us and talk to one of our staff about how we can help you.